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4x the most fun water sports from your hotel in Zeeland

4x the most fun water sports from your hotel in Zeeland

A day on the water in Tholen

Needless to say, the province of Zeeland is all about its coastlines and water. Here you can be right by the water to easily enjoy water fun by your hotel, all the more when you stay at ResortOesterdam. This resort is located at the waterfront and on Zoommeer lake. Are you looking for water sports or relaxing by the water? The choice is yours. After an active day, you can enjoy a drink in your luxury suite overlooking Zoommeer, and your day out in Tholen is complete. Read more and find out all about the water sports you can enjoy by this seaside hotel

RIB Experience

Do you like a bit of adrenaline? Are you a real daredevil? Then the RIB Experience is for you! This activity is ideal for a group of friends or as a bachelor party! Get in the boat (the RIB) and let yourself be carried across the water with a power of no less than 300 pk. You will be assigned a captain who will sail with you and ensure your safety, providing materials such as a life jacket and a helmet. Are you ready for an experience you'll never forget? 

RIB Experience

Rent a boat and explore the water

Do you like to sail but rather explore the water quietly? Then a boat trip is ideal for you. Do you have your own boat? Then you can take it with you and moor it in Oesterdam's own marina: Oesterdam Marina. Or you can choose to rent a boat at the hotel, and, what's more, you don't even need a license. Explore Oosterschelde and toast with a nice glass of wine in the sun as you drift on the water. Tip: Complete your day on the water with a complete picnic lunch. Find a nice spot to have lunch along the way and enjoy!

Oesterdam Marina Marina

Canoeing tour

Would you like to enjoy yourself on the water in peace and quiet and discover all the little islands? Then rent a canoe and go on an adventure! These water sports in Zeeland are the perfect way to explore the province from the water. A canoe can accommodate 2 people, so you can also rent multiple canoes if you are with a larger group. Paddle from island to island, stop more along the way somewhere for lunch, and also enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


SUP. Chances are slim you haven't heard this term before. This water sport has become a big trend in recent years, a form of surfing originated in Hawaii that stands for Stand-up-paddling. It is much more relaxed than normal surfing so you have all the time you need to take in the natural surroundings. At Resort Oesterdam we offer this water sport in groups. Extra fun, good company, and a nice challenge. Can you keep your balance? 


Enjoy at the Marina Beachclub or your luxury suite

Water fun is plentiful at the Oesterdam Design Hotel. But there are those times you need some relaxation on dry land too. When you do, head to Marina Beachclub, the hotel's beach club. Find a luxury lounger on the cabana beach and stretch out in the sun with a cocktail in hand. Is it not so sunny? Inside by the fireplace is always lovely. It should be clear by now that you can luxuriate in this hhotel in Tholen, where you can spend the night in one of the modern and luxurious hotel suites overlooking the water. The hotel rooms are suitable for 2 to 4 persons. And did you know that you can make free unlimited use of the wellness center? Relax in the infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, or steam room. 

Can't wait to have this fun in Tholen on the water? Are you excited about Resort Oesterdam? Check out the deals and, who knows, maybe you'll have a last-minute stay at this hotel in Zeeland.

Marina Beach Club