Resort Waterrijk Oesterdam
The Resort

Resort Waterrijk Oesterdam

  • Resort with luxurious villas
  • Designed by Piet Boon
  • Magnificent location at the Zoommeer

Waterrijk Oesterdam's history

It all started in 1979 with the construction of the Oesterdam. This dam is one of the most well-known Delta Works in Zeeland, its goal being to divide the Zeeland and South Holland waters in order to improve fresh water management and shipping in these waters. The construction of the Oesterdam contributed to the creation of the Zoommeer, a freshwater lake with a special story behind it. This lake is located on the site that once housed the historical city of Reimerswaal. The city's history is steeped in turmoil, and it was burned during the Eighty Years' War after being taken by the Geuzen. After this event, several attempts were made to rebuild the city, but Reimerwaal was eventually swallowed up by the waves and never reconstructed. The Oesterdam was constructed in phases, and in 1989 the new connection was officially opened by the Queen's Commissioner. In 1991, the Speelmansplaten were created, the nature and recreation area on which Waterrijk Oesterdam was built. The process of turning the Speelmansplaten at the Oesterdam into a full-fledged recreational area commenced in 2001. It involved some clear goals which have since then been successfully achieved: preparing the terrain for recreational accommodation by building luxurious water villas, as well as rearranging the terrain with a focus on catering, water sports and outdoor events.


Resort Waterrijk Oesterdam

Throughout the years, Waterrijk Oesterdam has grown into a full-fledged resort offering magnificent facilities and luxurious accommodations, including villas co-designed by Dutch designer Piet Boon. There's no shortage of water, nature, peacefulness and space at the luxurious holiday park. The resort offers unique water villas and luxurious resort suites. The freestanding villas are both spacious and luxurious, and the majority of them feature their own private jetty. The Oesterdam Wellness villas also have a sauna, a jacuzzi and a sun shower. Our new hotel includes luxurious resort suites for 2 and 4 persons.

Our resort is turning into Zeeland's ultimate hotspot. Our restaurant De Oesterdam features an à la carte restaurant including a cabana beach, an outdoor terrace and luxurious takeaway. Our location houses, among other things, reception, bicycle rental facilities, opportunities for renting conference spaces as well as sanitary facilities for the marina. Whatever the future holds in store for us, the Oesterdam guarantees you an unforgettable vacation!


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