Resort Waterrijk Oesterdam

Area Zeeland

  • Surrounded by fresh & saltwater
  • Numerous activities on and around the resort
  • Central between Rotterdam & Antwerp

This place is different; you feel that as soon as you arrive...

We are happy to help you explore our beautiful surroundings. Whether you come here more often or for the first time, there is always something new and beautiful to discover. From the beautiful nature around us to the cultural attractions, this region has it all.

Get on your bike, grab your walking shoes, or put on your sunglasses and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair on our e-choppers. Let's explore the area together!

Explore the surroundings on our e-chopper

With this noiseless chopper, it is great to go out and enjoy Zeeland's nature. After an introduction to the e-chopper, you choose one of several e-chopper routes through Zeeland or Brabant.

Round the Markiezaat

Tholen route

Markiezaat route

Discover more around the Oesterdam?

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