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The best activities to do with children

The best activities to do with children near Oesterdam Resort

  • Things to do with children
  • From visiting the playground to an amusement park
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Things to do with children around Oesterdam Resort

Needless to say, a vacation at our luxury resort with your children is lovely, but we also understand that you would like to do something together with your children. Therefore, we have listed a number of things to do for you, from a visit to the playground to an amusement park! You are guaranteed to have an incredible time with your children. Then, after a day full of adventures, you can enjoy relaxing at our resort.

1. Regional Museum "De Meestoof"

Have you always wanted to know how people used to live and work back then? The Regional Museum "De Meestoof" in Sint-Annaland is 15 minutes away from Oesterdam and gives a fascinating overview of life back then and the culture on the islands of Tholen and Sint Philipsland.

In the museum, which is located in the former town hall of Sint-Annaland, you will experience a genuine journey through the cultural heritage of Tholen and Sint Philipsland. The core collections demonstrate how the cultivation of madder took place and what jewelry and clothing were worn in Tholen. A special exhibit is the Norwegian house (donated to the Netherlands during the reconstruction after the 1953 North Sea Flood) that stands on the grounds. After visiting the museum, you can go get a delicious ice cream at Het IJsschuurtje. In fact, here they have the most delicious homemade ice cream, and it is only a two-minute walk away from De Meestoof.

Address: Bierensstraat 6
4697 GE, Sint-Annaland

2. Speeltuin Vrij en Blij

Less than a five-minute walk away from the Regional Museum "De Meestoof" and Het IJsschuurtje, you will find Speeltuin Vrij en Blij. The playground is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. The entrance fee is €1 per child.

Address: Schoolstraat 17
4697 CH, Sint-Annaland


3. Theater De Maagd

Theater De Maagd is an atmospheric theater in Bergen op Zoom that is 20 minutes away from Oesterdam. However, it is not just any theater. It is a converted church! Visit one of the many performances and experience an evening full of culture in the historic theater.

There are many performances for children coming to De Maagd, and thanks to the special (free) booster seats, you will not have to miss a thing! Furthermore, at each performance for children, there will be entertainment in the foyer, such as face painting, balloon modeling, and more. Most of the stars come to the foyer after the show to take pictures with the children, have a chat, or enjoy dancing. Check to see if the performance also includes a costume contest. If so, you will have the chance to win a nice fairy tale prize that you can come and collect on stage!

Address: Grote Markt 32
4611 NT, Bergen op Zoom


4. Swimming pools

Swimming is a fantastic pastime for the whole family. You can enjoy a day of relaxation at both the indoor swimming pool of De Schelp in Bergen op Zoom and the outdoor swimming pool of De Spetter located in Tholen. If you are truly looking for a subtropical swimming paradise, then it is definitely worthwhile to take a short trip to Goes. Here, you will find the swimming pool in Omnium, where even a lazy river is present.

De Schelp Swimming Pool
Address: De Boulevard 45
4617 HD, Bergen op Zoom
De Spetter in Tholen
Address: Zoekweg 4
4691 HT, Tholen
Omnium Swimming Pool
Address: Zwembadweg 3
4463 AB, Goes


5. De Zeeland

Have a good time at De Zeeland! De Zeeland is a prominent building on Markiezaatsweg. This former sugar factory has been restored and converted into a large shopping complex while retaining its historical value. With a Bowling Lounge center, a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, and a cinema, De Zeeland serves as the perfect leisure center for Bergen op Zoom and the surrounding area.

With no less than 12 bowling lanes equipped with special LED lighting that guarantees fantastic color effects with special audio and video features, a restaurant, and a Grand Café, going out to Bowling & Resto-Lounge is an experience. At C-Cinema's "Kiek in de Pot," the optimal film experience is paramount. In a welcoming environment, everyone is treated to a unique experience through the best in visuals, sound, and comfortable seating. Furthermore, a benefit of this visit is that you can park your car for free.

Address: Markiezaatsweg 5
4615 PA, Bergen op Zoom


6. Tropical Zoo

The Berkenhof Tropical Zoo is a super exciting outing for the whole family! Whether the weather is good or bad, the attractions at Berkenhof Tropical Zoo have something for everyone. Discover the most colorful animals in the Tropical Zoo, go underground into the Fossil Mine, and discover mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. Stand face to face with gigantic dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Expo. There are educational lessons offered to both young and old in the Nature Classroom. You may even touch or hold an animal here. Exciting!

Moreover, for many years in a row, the Berkenhof Tropical Zoo has been crowned the best day attraction in Zeeland by ANWB members. Thus, it is definitely worth visiting, and it is only a short half an hour drive away from Oesterdam.

Address: Langeweegje 10A
4434 NE, Kwadendamme

7. Liberation Museum

Would you like to spend a day diving into the history of Zeeland? You can admire the complete story of Zeeland during the Second World War at the Liberation Museum, which is a 30-minute drive away from Oesterdam.

The Liberation Museum Zeeland takes you through the turbulent years in the province of Zeeland during the Second World War. The common thread in this story is the "Battle of the Scheldt." It was the fierce battle in the fall of 1944 between Allied and German forces for control of the Western Scheldt, the vital waterway to the then already liberated port of Antwerp. It is an often forgotten battle, but it was of decisive importance for the subsequent liberation of Western Europe. Experience it all in the province of Zeeland's largest museum, and also be sure to visit the theme park (3 hectares) about the Battle of the Scheldt!

Address: Coudorp 41
4455 AH, Nieuwdorp


8. Petting zoos

You can find a charming petting zoo a fifteen-minute drive away from Oesterdam. On more than 1.5 acres of land, the animals roaming there, among other things, include a miniature cow, two deer, two lovely donkeys, adorable ponies, sassy goats, headstrong sheep, clucking chickens, and curious turkeys. Take a look around and pet them on the head.

Are you craving pancakes? At the petting zoo of De Nieuwe Drenck, there is also a pancake restaurant in addition to the lovely animals and a large sand playground. This petting zoo is located in Bergen op Zoom and is a 20-minute drive away from Oesterdam!

Camping de Muie
Address: Kastelijnsweg 20
4695 RA, Sint-Maartensdijk

De Nieuwe Drenck
Address: Zuidgeest 17
4625 DG, Bergen op Zoom


9. Monkey Town

Are you in the mood for a good time? In Halsteren, there is Monkey Town, an indoor playground. At this playground, you can climb, scramble, romp around, jump on the trampolines, move through the crawl tunnels, and go down the slides as fast as you can. Furthermore, they have toddler mornings every Monday through Friday! Are you planning to go to Monkey Town? Then do not forget to bring your socks. Due to hygiene considerations, playing barefoot is not allowed.

Address: Langstraat 5
4661 SE, Halsteren


10. Climbing Forest and 't Appeltje

Are you ready for action in nature? At Climbing Forest Brabantse Wal in Bergen op Zoom, there is enough of a challenge! In 2020, they won ANWB's bronze award for "Best Outing in North Brabant." The climbing forest is even larger now with a free fall, bungee jumping, and a new junior route. Everything is there: a zip line, difficult transitions, and large nets. Choose your own climbing route and decide how high you want to go. People can climb from the age of six, so challenge your parents to climb a route together with you.

If climbing is not for you because you are still too young or prefer to keep your feet on the ground, then there is a nice playground across from the climbing forest with a terrace and a petting zoo called 't Appeltje.

Address: Boslustweg 1
4624 RB, Bergen op Zoom

11. Bowling

Would you like to enjoy an activity with your whole family? You can do so at Bowling De Thoolse Brug. At the reception, you can get a €5 discount card for this, which makes it even more fun!


12. Goes-Borsele Steam Train

Once again, this activity is a little further away. In fact, it is a 27-minute drive away. A trip on the Goes-Borsele Steam Train is a journey back in time! The steam locomotive whistles, the stoker works up a sweat, and the conductor comes to punch the tickets with an old-fashioned ticket punch. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the passing landscape of South Beveland, which was designated a National Landscape for a reason. The train passes by small-scale polders, small inland dikes, fruit orchards, and farms. The cows graze imperturbably, but the hares and pheasants seek a safe haven! However, there is more! The train takes you to a variety of picturesque little train stations where you can find other fun activities: from a miniature train to a small candy store, from a go-kart track to a Tropical Zoo, and from various hospitality establishments to a hiking network. Combine the journey with other attractions and make this a diverse and daylong program!

Address: Plesmanweg 23
4462 GC, Goes

13. Mini Mundi

This fun activity is a bit further away than the aforementioned outings. It is actually a 38-minute drive away. Mini Mundi is a family amusement park in Middelburg that opened its doors on May 15th, 2009. It is part of Vrijetijdspark Zep Middelburg, and it is located on the Podium in the Mortierepolder neighborhood. It is a continuation of the earlier Miniatuur Walcheren.

There is the famous Miniatuur Walcheren, a large indoor playground, an outdoor playground, and an amusement park with fun attractions. You and your whole family can experience an exciting ride on the roller coaster or a calmer ride on the little train at the amusement park. Here, you can swing and sway on the pirate ship ride. Likewise, you can enjoy the carousel. We have also thought about the youngest children. They can play inside with the building blocks, in the ball pit, or in the toddler corner. Moreover, the premises are wheelchair accessible.

Address: Podium 35
4337 WV, Middelburg


A vacation with young children at Oesterdam Resort

In short, there are plenty of things to do when you are vacationing with your whole family! Will you choose an educational day trip to the museum, a day full of entertainment at the theater, splashing around in the swimming pool, or experiencing adventures at the amusement park? Furthermore, at our resort, you will find plenty of activities. Namely, Oesterdam has its own activity center called the Outback, which is suitable for both young and old! The Outback is located at our resort, and there is a wide array of fun and exciting activities. There are truly loads of things to do, from an escape room to (children's) paintball and crate stacking to raft building.

However, sometimes you are also in need of some relaxation. Plus, after a day full of enjoyment, it is time to enjoy yourself and relax at our luxury resort. For example, at our resort, you can unwind at Marina Beachclub, the Ibiza-style beach club of our hotel. Alternatively, you can enjoy the fireplace indoors. When are you coming to spend your family vacation at Oesterdam Resort?