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Cancellation insurance Oesterdam

  • Purchase cancellation insurance
  • Also for last-minute bookings
  • Not just before departure, but during your stay as well

Short–term cancellation insurance

It can happen that a booked vacation cannot take place or that you have to return home halfway through your vacation due to, for example, a serious illness. That is why you can take out cancellation insurance through Oesterdam Resort. That is ideal. Because this applies not only before departure but also during your vacation.

When making a hotel or villa reservation, you will immediately be given the option to add cancellation insurance. However, taking out the cancellation insurance at a later time up to 7 days after booking the stay is also possible.

The costs amount to a 6.6% premium over the rent and €4.24 policy costs including 21% insurance taxes. 

You can find more information in the documents below. 

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