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Diving in the Netherlands

  • The underwater world of Zeeland
  • More than 100 diving locations
  • Flora, fauna, and diving wrecks

Diving in the Netherlands

For a diving vacation in the Netherlands, you have come to the right place at Oesterdam Resort! Our villa resort is located in Zeeland, and it is surrounded by water. Did you know that Zeeland has over 100 diving locations? There is so much beauty to see underwater! During your diving vacation in the Netherlands at Oesterdam Resort, you will stay overnight in a luxurious villa accommodating up to 16 people or in a spacious hotel suite accommodating up to 4 people. You will not be lacking any luxury or comfort at all. After an afternoon of diving in the Netherlands, we will fully pamper you in our resort. You can enjoy private wellness facilities at your villa or use the wellness area as a hotel guest. Afterward, you can relax at our restaurant Marina Beachclub. When will you come and dive in the Netherlands?

Your stay during a diving vacation in the Netherlands

Our villas can accommodate 2 to as many as 16 people, and most of them are in a stunning location by the Zoommeer. You will enjoy a spacious living room, a luxurious kitchen, a beautiful bathroom, and bedrooms with comfortable box spring beds. Furthermore, after a day of diving in the Netherlands, you can enjoy the sun on your private terrace with a spacious yard. Are you looking for a little more luxury and comfort? Then choose a villa with a private sauna, bubble bath, and/or sauna.

Would you prefer to stay in a hotel suite? Our suites are stylish, spacious, furnished, and boast a gorgeous view over the water. The two-person suites feature a king-size box spring bed for a good night's sleep, a rain shower, a bathtub for ultimate relaxation, a separate toilet, and a minibar. The four-person suites have all the same facilities but offer a bedroom with a super deluxe king-size box spring bed and a separate bedroom with two single beds. Moreover, you can experience ultimate relaxation in the wellness center with the ambiance pool, saunas, and steam room.

Where is the best place to go diving?

Zeeland has more than 100 diving locations plus a colorful and diverse underwater landscape. In particular, the Oosterschelde National Park and the Grevelingenmeer are popular diving spots. Will you spot the seahorses, cuttlefish, or other exceptional fish? You can admire the cuttlefish and cephalopods if you want to dive in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. In the spring, they come to the Oosterschelde to lay their eggs; an impressive spectacle to watch underwater! The Grevelingenmeer is the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe, and it has the clearest water of all the lakes in the Netherlands. Therefore, it is the perfect place to go diving! In addition to the remarkable flora and fauna, you can also admire various diving wrecks in the waters of Zeeland during your diving vacation in the Netherlands. For example, you can dive to the 60-meter-long Le Serpent ship, located at a depth of 23 meters. In short, there are plenty of things to discover when you come to dive in the Netherlands at the waters of Zeeland. Plus, after an unforgettable day in the water, you can relax at Oesterdam Resort! When can we welcome you?

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