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Our story

Experience the luxury of nothing at all at Oesterdam Resort

Discover the most beautiful spot in Zeeland, right in the middle of Nationaal Park Oosterschelde, and perhaps all of The Netherlands; Tholen. Oesterdam Resort is the ideal destination for your stay in Tholen, beautifully situated on the water. We would like to introduce you to Tholen and show you what this island and the surrounding area has to offer you. Therefore our goal is:

"To take you into an undiscovered part of Tholen and its surroundings."

Over the years, Oesterdam has grown into a full–fledged resort with beautiful amenities and luxurious accommodations. At the resort you can enjoy the simplicity of luxury in a unique location all year round. Pure beauty anchored in nature. Oesterdam is the ideal destination to get a breath of fresh air, unwind, and recharge your batteries. Enjoy the ultimate vacation feeling . Experience the luxury of everything in one location, and at the same time an abundance of tranquility and space. Venture out in the vicinity of Tholen, admire the special flora and fauna of the Oosterschelde National Park, discover the many possibilities at the resort, or enjoy the luxury of nothing at all. The employees of Oesterdam Resort are ready for everyone to experience the ultimate vacation feeling!

Why is Oesterdam Resort the perfect vacation destination in Zeeland?

Unique location on the water

The beautiful location on the water of the Oosterschelde National Park makes our resort extra special. Oesterdam Resort is a private island in the Oosterschelde, close to Bergen op Zoom.

Water–rich villas

Many of our villas are located on the water of the Zoommeer, most of which have a private dock . From your villa you can enjoy a beautiful water–rich view.

The luxury of everything in one location

With the arrival of the center facility ( Marina Beachclub, ) and with it the marina, the restaurant, the hotel, the wellness, event room, business rooms and reception, created a unique all in one location.

Luxury hotel suites

A stay in our super deluxe hotel suites means enjoying high quality and many extra services. The suites can accommodate 2 to 4 persons, are stylishly decorated, and most have a view of the water.

(Private)wellness facilities

Our villas can be booked with private wellness facilities , such as a sauna, bubble bath and Sunshower. Our hotel also has a wellness area where hotel guests can use the spa wellness facilities.

Special design

The villas were designed by Piet Boon and blend in with the environment and are included in it. The natural materials and brown–gray tones reinforce this policy. Outside is brought inside and vice versa.