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Privacy statement


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It is Waterrijk Oesterdam's policy to handle your personal data with the utmost care.

Registered information

In order to provide you with services from Waterrijk Oesterdam, it is necessary that we register specific information. All information concerning your relevant personal data will be recorded in our data collection (according to the guidelines of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, "WBP") if this is necessary. In accordance with the WBP, this data collection was reported to the Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) under number m1012567.

For those requesting information, the following data is recorded:

  • Name, address, date of birth, telephone and fax number, and email address(es)
  • The consent of the applicant to provide him with relevant additional information (permission email)
  • Last minute and/or newsletters subscriptions
  • Source of the request.

The booking details of each guest are then recorded:

  • Booker
  • Object
  • Date
  • Information about the company
  • Other information concerning the booking
  • Payment terms
  • Payment information
  • Comments from the booker or the landlord.
  • Source of the request.

If you are registered in the Waterrijk Oesterdam database, you have the right to receive a copy of the data we have collected about you. You can send a request to the following email address: or in writing to Waterrijk Oesterdam, Oesterdam 3, 4661 PV, Tholen. If, in your opinion, it appears from the received statement that the data recorded about you is incorrect or incomplete, or you feel that, keeping in mind the purpose of the registration, this data does not belong in the database of Waterrijk Oesterdam, then you can visit Waterrijk Oesterdam and ask for the data to be changed or removed. You can also use the above addresses for such a request. We will use the stored information to perform our services as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We may also use information about you to provide you with information about our services and offers that we think may be relevant to you. We can also offer a limited, relevant selection of your data to third parties for sending interesting information or nice offers. Your information will never be stored in the data files of third parties, and they may only use your address data for a one-time offer, with your permission. However, this use of your data by third parties will not happen if you have notified us at your request/booking or afterwards that you do not appreciate it. Waterrijk Oesterdam will no longer make your data available to third parties for interesting information or nice offers. You can send such a request to the following email address: or in writing to Waterrijk Oesterdam, Oesterdam 3, 4661 PV, Tholen.

If you use our website, we automatically store certain information. This can be information from which URL you came from, to which URL you go, which browser you use, and your IP address. We use this information in the context of the normal use and management of our site, and may release this information in a grouped way. This grouping makes it impossible to track said data to any particular user. We are not interested in data that says something about the identity of any of our site visitors. Waterrijk Oesterdam is only interested in information that says something about how our website is used, such as: how many visitors we get, what our busiest hours are, and which pages are visited the most.

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