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Summer in Zeeland

Sultry Summer in Zeeland

A Sultry Summer in Zeeland

If there is one province in the Netherlands where you can enjoy a wonderful summer, it has to be Zeeland. As its name suggests, Zeeland consists for a large share of water, no less than 40%. All lakes and rivers, together with the sea, provide the perfect location for recreation. Enjoy having your feet buried in the sand on one of the many beaches, let yourself be carried away by the wind on your bike, or conquer the waves on a surfboard. The possibilities for a summer in Zeeland are endless. We will gladly share with you tips about summer activities you may not think of immediately. Get inspired for a summer in Zeeland to remember.

Explore the islands of the Veerse Meer

You do not have to leave the Netherlands to go island hopping! The Veerse Meer, with a length of approximately 14 miles, is home to 17 islands. You can dock at most of them and thus explore the (little) island. You should definitely dock at the Haringvreter or the Goudplaat, here you can spot wild deer or Konik horses.

The "Big Five" of Zeeland

Did you know that Zeeland has its own "Big Five"? Look for porpoises in the Oosterschelde or spot flamingos at the Grevelingenmeer. Seals can be found in many different spots, and fallow and roe deer are also common. Finally, sea eagles have also been seen in Zeeland in recent years, a spectacular sight!

Zeeland from the air

The best way to experience the real beauty of Zeeland is up in the air. Have you always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride? Now is the time. Enjoy the panoramic view, the silence and the experience itself. Another way to take to the sky is with a glider. Slightly different, but just as breathtaking!

Cycling tour with the help of the ferries of Zeeland

During the summer, various ferries cross the province. How nice would it be to plan a cycling trip with the help of these ferry services? The ferries will provide a pleasant break and give you the ultimate holiday feeling. A handy tool to use for this is "The guide to the ferries of Zeeland".

Oesterdam Resort: the perfect location for a summer in Zeeland

Our luxurious resort in Tholen is located on the water of the Oosterschelde, because when you are staying in Zeeland, staying on the water is a must! The modern villas are very luxurious and a large share of them is located directly on the water, having their own jetty. Ideal for discovering the islands in the Veerse Meer. Are you looking for a bit more luxury? Then a villa with private wellness is the perfect place to stay. A sauna works miracles for your muscles after a long bike ride. Are you looking a weekend getaway in Zeeland during the summer? Then you should book a luxury hotel suite, for 2 or 4 people. These spacious and luxurious suites are the ideal starting point for an enjoyable weekend. 

Aside from your accommodation, our Marina Beachclub is the best place to fully savor the experience at Oesterdam Resort. On its terrace you have a magnificent view over the water, while you sip on a nice beer, a glass of wine or a tropical cocktail. Adjacent is our cabana beach, where you imagine yourself to be on Ibiza while enjoying the sunset. It will not get any better than this during the summer in Zeeland.