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Vacation park near Middelburg

Vacation park near Middelburg

  • 45 minutes by car from Middelburg
  • Luxury villas on the water
  • Marina Beachclub

Vacation park near Middelburg

On vacation to Middelburg? We don't blame you! Middelburg is a beautiful monumental city where you can stroll around and admire the rich history. Our vacation park near Middelburg is only 45 minutes away by car from this authentic city. You will stay in a luxury villa or hotel suite where you can completely relax. Experience a good night's sleep on the box–spring beds, relax on your private patio and enjoy the water–rich surroundings. So you combine a nice city trip with a luxury vacation on the water. That sounds great, right? Which accommodation do you prefer for a vacation near Middelburg?


Vacation house near Middelburg

You can rent a luxury vacation house near Middelburg at Oesterdam Resort. Our luxury villas are suitable for 2 up to a maximum of 16 people. So you can also contact us if you want to rent a vacation house near Middelburg with a larger group! The villas are fully equipped with all comforts, such as a fully equipped kitchen, a nice living room, bedrooms with box–spring beds and a private patio. Do you already picture yourself sitting on your patio after a fun day of shopping in Middelburg with a nice drink in your hand? We do! In addition to a luxury villa, you can also rent a hotel suite during your vacation in Middelburg. Our suites can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and are stylishly furnished. You have luxurious king–size box–spring beds, a rain shower and bath, and a magnificent view over the Zoom lake.

Your vacation near Middelburg:

✨ Luxury villas for a maximum of 16 people

✨ Comfortable hotel suites for a maximum of 4 people

✨ Magnificent view over the Zoom lake

✨ Restaurant Marina Beachclub

✨ Many water sports possibilities


To dos at and around Oesterdam Resort

When you spend your vacation near Middelburg at Oesterdam Resort, you certainly do not have to be bored. Enjoy a tasty snack and drink on the patio of our Marina Beachclub or relax on the cabana beach. Or rent an (electric) bicycle or e–chopper and discover the beautiful surroundings! Prefer a little more action? Then go paintballing, canoeing or RIB boating. They are highly recommended during your vacation near Middelburg. But we also understand that you would like to discover this beautiful city. Middelburg has a characteristic appearance and a city walk should not be left out. This way you will discover all the nice places in the city. And Middelburg is, of course, also a very good place for shopping! Stroll through the streets, settle down on a patio in the sun or visit the local market. So enough fun! When are you coming to spend your vacation near Middelburg?


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